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+sings+ [03 Sep 2003|09:06pm]
"Instead of stressed, i stand here charmed....." +sigh+ First day of school was today, i was in the assembly, my neck hurts. Wondering where Danielle is. Do you still go to Poky? Uriah was born on the 21st, he's way little. I have been writing a lot of letters lately, Since Katie moved, I've written her, Andrae....Gabe. So far no letters back, FK says there is one on the way though. I'm so angry that my Bro-ha-ha hasn't even called, but what's new, i don't why i expect him to even let me know he's alive. Life is....hard to describe. It's strange not seeing any of last years seniors, I heard Knate is going to move to chicago, speaking of Chicago, i rented the Chicago dvd, i loved it, i watched it as many times as i could, i watched some scenes repeatedly. Jaimie is working at the mall, our relationship has kind of been non-existant. I like my new schedule, i only have two female teachers, that's never been really too common for me. today in my painting class, Caleb spread the word that Bryan is back in jail, after nearly two weeks of being out, quite frankly don't care where he is, just as long as it's nowhere near me. I think i might know what i want to do after high school, which is definately a good thing. My hair is getting really icky and dready where my rainbow wrap is sliding down. Abigail, Jesska's friend is in my painting class, she's cute. sometime's i picture Derrick and her together,then i realize i should mind my own business. Mom is going to bed, so i will write more later. . . .
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Summer Daze. . . [07 Aug 2003|04:26pm]
I am volunteering on the 20th, so come register and visit me.
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"I'm on the fence, push me off it". . . [13 Jun 2003|03:28pm]
+Singing No Doubt+ it's been so long since i've listened to No Doubt, it's great to be again though. grr, I kinda miss school, I miss Addie, I miss Rachel, Jessica, Ashley Goodell. I miss so many, it's sad. Plus i haven't talked to many kids that don't go to poky either, like Tory. This is not much fun. Do you miss me? Hmm, how is everyone? Stormy's birth-day is coming up, so is mine. Happy birthday to us! hmm, i can't really think of anything decent to type, so um, i will probably write a new entry soon.
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+sigh+ [30 May 2003|03:13pm]
Hmm, it's friday, there is only about 15 minutes left in school, and here i am; just sitting her next to steven trying the make it through these last couple of minutes. this weekend i am anticipating, finally, a break. for some reason though, i think it won't be much of a break. Oh well, i can wait, summer is coming quickly. Sad, today was Mark and Kaj's, Jacob's, all the seniors last day. Good for them i guess. I am way terrified of graduation. Grr, i don't even want to get in to that thought right now. Anyway, i wore the dress today, it was not that bad, i got most ly compliments, then Jace had to be the prick he is and say rude things. oh well, he's not much in my mind. anyway, this is tiring, and i think i am leaving,i will have to write more entries soon, there will be more than usual this summer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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In school. . . [14 May 2003|12:17pm]
Wow, i am actually updating my LJ! Crazy! Huh? Anyway, I am in my physical science class with Mr. Edwards. We are having fun! Anyway, I feel bad, i was supposed to update it way before today, for Tory. My mom wouldn't let me get online the night i was supposed to and i've forgotten after that. UNTIL NOW! Hmmm, it smells really good in a hall, it smells like Nag Champa or sandalwood or something. Finally a pleasant smell in the hall of Poky. I'm excited, i am going to the mall today hopefully, i am going to buy myself a cute shirt. It's green. WEll I should probably get off LJ now, because i fear getting in trouble, well not really,i just can't think of anything else to say. Luv ya TORY!!!

Tomorrow is the lunar ECLIPSE! at sunset, i want to go and see it with Mr. Edwards. . .that would be great fun.! OOOOOh, i just saw Mike Lee, gotta go. . .
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it's been a while. . . [15 Apr 2003|06:00pm]
It has been forever since my last entry. damn me. life has been crazy. Bryan is driving me fricking nuts. he always makes me feel like crap, it is terrible, but as always i never stop him. I guess he likes Nika, she actually fricking calls herself "Nika Sativa," like she's the queen of ganga, i think that's so dumb. I am way happy that i'm staying away from all these people that do naughty things. I guess he is going to hook up with some girl named Tiffany who goes to Poky, sometimes he can be so sneaky, probably without even trying. There is a show tonight, Omerta, i wish that i could go, there is just nobody t go with. plus there's going to be another show on friday, i think with some band from IF, oh yeah something "brassholes." Hopefully i will be able to go. Hopefully the mysterious Jake will be there. I am determined to find out who he is... i am listening to the cd i found in ms.kelsey's class, i think it belongs to steven brigham. he is way sweet. he has silly dreams about us. i've had some crazy dreams about him.
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it's been a while. . . [10 Mar 2003|05:54pm]
Haha, here i am listening to Tom Petty feeling that one feeling. I feel like, depressed, but like things are still beautiful. I really liek this feeling sometimes. It's crazy. I've had a head-ache for most of the day. I think there is perfume on this sweater or something that didn't get all washed out or something, its the only thing i can think of that would affect me. eh, i hope things are alright between Jaimie and I. Things with Haley are kinda messed up. am not really happy with how perspective about me right now. I feel terrible about Mark. It makes me really angry that Jacqueline doesn't appreciate him. things can be so bad sometimes. I'm excited for spring break, i'm way more excited for this summer though. I wonder what it's going to be like, it will be a good break for sure. Jaimie's brithday is coming soon, so is my moms. i need to get out so thati can buy them their presents.

+breaks into song+

"You don't know how it feels,
you don't know how it feels
you dont know how it feels, to be ME"


"I swear sometimes you're takin' me for granted,
I swear sometimes that you're a whore,
I swear that i know there aint no reason
cause everything is such a whore...

I had a dream. .
don't you make me sick
saw you in your bedroom. . . "

sublime's great. . .
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If I die before i wake. . . [26 Feb 2003|04:49pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Haha, I found a new band. I kinda like the song i downloaded, they are called OPM, i need to download more songs so that i can make an official judgement. I am going to try out for soft-ball, i have never played before, it's probably a good idea for me to try and get into something. There is going to be another show(as USUAL) this time it's going to be Mix Mob, i have never heard of them but i guess that they are signed to Suburban Noize so they can't be too terrible, 2 pump chump and guess . . . Shady Days. But this is Shady Days' chance to get signed. I think that I've already mentioned this show, but eh, this can just be another reminder.


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peely. . . . [15 Feb 2003|11:38am]
I was just thinking of how Jaimie's little sister Kaylee, says peely when she means "pretty," Kaylee is a very very silly little girl, she always points to her little butt screaming "PEELY BUTT" as if she's trying to get the entire world's attention. then she'll just give up murmering it.

Yesterday i went to the mall and i bought a sublime poster from Spencer's. Tshh, i feel way ripped off though, the damn thing cost me 11 dollars. +sigh+ damn greed-stricken folks. Mmmm, i took a trip to Jack In The Box And I Ate Great amounts Of Beef And Cheese>>>>>>>>It Was WondRous.

Katie is listening to Tequila~Sublime, she is happy~ish. Today Danielle and Kaila are being forced to come over here to work on a science project. I still haven't got a hold of Kaila, nobody answered her phone, so i will continue to try. I think i will tidy up this dainty house a wee bit before the children arrive, maybe they will get a positive impression. Danielle hasn't been here fore a really long time, i think it was seventh grade ago. I am going to put up my poster and listen to Sublime.
RHAEBEKAH!!!!She needs to come over.
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still. . . [05 Feb 2003|08:25pm]
i am reading, and danielle and alli shoudl be to, a tale of two cities in our honors english class, i actuallly did my homework tonight, i read the whole three chapters that were assigned.

another show is this weekend at um, club geckos, derrick's band is playing, along with (AS FRICKING USUAL) Shady goddamn days...they have been playing liek every weekend for the past 6 weeks, really, the boys should expand their horizons and get the hell out of pocatello for once. and i know there are children out there that agree with me.

i do think there iwll be more people at this show than last weekends though, hopefully for them.

i am thinking of all the people i need to make valentines for. . .hehe, some of you children will get one, and i 'm sure i didn't have to tell you that, omg like the only people who read my fricking journal are Danielle and alli, and even sometimes they get bored. . .haha, thanks girlies. . . you make me feel all warm and fluffy inside. . .

plese excuse the horrible spelling in this entry, i haave decided i wouldn't even bothre to try and fix things this time. . .


^^^^^^^how cool/immature was that?
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Hey KIDS!!!!! [01 Feb 2003|09:28am]
Ech! It is saturday morning and i have been awak since like 6:45. I slept on the couch last night because Jaimie scared me with damn stories about how all this crazy shtuff that has been happening to her house. Eh, it is really light upstairs during the night, oh and i think some people were uh, knockin on my window last night as well as whistling . . .I wanted to see who it was but there was not a way in hell that i was going to go in my room, yeah guys, i know I'm a wussie.

Something went terribly wrong with a space shuttle mission and i think like the seven people that were in the craft were already killed, it is going like the speed of a bullet, twice the speed of light or something crazy like that, and the shuttle is determined to crash somewhere in texas. It makes me feel really bad, those poor families. Israel's first astronaut was in the shuttle, jeez, it is really terrible. what is the world coming to?

Danielle, i am really sorry you are sick now. i really hope you didn't get it from me. . .

NOTIFICATION!!!: there is a show tonight at Planet Skate aka the skate facility
Bands playing: Shady Days and Out Of Fokus, (possibly someone else as well)
Time: not quite sure . . .i will post when i find out!

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Ella es de las estrellas. [28 Jan 2003|12:02pm]
I love spanish, i think it can be really beautiful at times.

Eh, i am staying home today, i am sick with a really sore throat and my back hurts, among these headaches that keep reaccurring.

Grr. . .i don't feel much compassion for the world much at the moment. It feels the same for me too i think. . .

I am so sad, ireally don't have anyone to talk to. It's difficult.
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7777777 [17 Jan 2003|08:06pm]
[ mood | morose ]

Hmmm. <Have you ever noticed how on almost EVERY single LJ entry i beging with "Hmmm?" Today is friday, it has not been very fun. I mest around on my guitar for about 20 minutes after i tried to call my brother, i cried lots today. eh, i have soent the rest of the day listening to music and sitting one place without movement. Here in a little while i will probably get a glass of orangejuice and start on one of the books i aquired(sp?) for Christmas. I should probably call Maxfield and Tory back. I wish i knew how to get a hold of corey too, without going to Mr. Jaquelyn Burnett Mcgonigal's dumb house. I am sad again. I think most of it is the good ol' PMS which I soon will be rid of. GRRR. I am supposed to be starting a band, and i will probably end up playing the bass. Nika is really motivated about it, i hope all of this actually happens. +sigh+ g'nite.

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Schedule Information: Second Semester [07 Jan 2003|08:24pm]
1) Spanish 1
2) Algebra 1
3) US History 1
4) Physical Science
5) Eng 9 Hnrs
6) Teen Living B

Do i have any classes with any of you?
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[05 Jan 2003|09:20pm]
So i guess Eli thinks i'm "[not a good person]" +sigh+

+minutes pass+

I don't want to care, but i do. Now i am all confused, and hurt.
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My neck is STILL stiff. . . [05 Jan 2003|12:42pm]
I cannot believe my neck is still sore from the show. I had a blast, i GEEKT out all night long. There were more people there than i thought there would be, I had fun. Bryan dragged me into the "mosh pit," I was in there for like two seconds and got crushed. At the end i tried it once more voluntarily. Me and Nika tried to have dry-sex in the the pit. It was really fun, and this time i really DID NOT give a fuck, and head-banged all out.

Um, there was a kid that was all staring at me whome I'de seen before somewhere, i couldn't figure out who. Then afterwords it dawned(SP?) on me, he was the child i was sitting behind for Christmas mass. The one who Rodrigo came up to and spoke with before he said anything to me. It was crazy, i wished i would have realized before the show was over, i would've gone up to him and talked to him, likei kinda did to Jessika. Oh, Jimmy Homan also got kncoked out or something, i guess the paramedics came, i left before that. . .:(

Eli was there, he didn't say anything to me. I think he is disgisted because i think he thinks he saw me smoking. Owen Calvin was too. So were Bryan, Thomas, Knate, John gove, Andrae, Jake tuckett, Jacob Hobenich, Sean, Shaun,(obviously, he is ShadY DayS) Kaj was there, he is so badass, Corey was there, thd girls i went with, Nika, Janessa, Haley, Jessica, and +grrr+ Katie. Stevo and Geof came too, there were so many people there, even some kids from Irving. I'm too tired, i can't name them all.

I really like seeing Shady Days play, the other band was good too, i'm sure they are better than i think, i wasn't really paying attention to them.
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The "New YeaR" has come. . . [01 Jan 2003|04:07pm]
[ mood | drained ]

+thinks about all of the things i want to express to you children+

+Takes DEEP breath+

Today is January 1st of the year 2003. Wah-Hoo. I am FINALLY home. I have been gone so much during the break... It's good to be with my mommy again.

I have seen lots of spikey haired boys lately, coming back from Chubbock (Jaimie's house)there were many boys driving around with spiked hair, and seeing some in Pyro yesterday, hehe, oh yeah, Derrick too. I think that i am kind of missing being around those kinda of kids, i need to find myself a cute "skater-punk" boy to make me happy. Preferably one that does not attend Poky.

+sigh+ My nazi boy Bryan is leaving on the seventh, and i have a feeling he is going to leave with out getting my address to write me, he came over a day or two ago, i'm sure our visit was not very fun, i was getting ready for the day and he just pretty much watched. It made me nervous. After i was all finished trying to get all pretty he took me to his extremely hot and EVIL brother's house(Mark's) where Mark was a silent asshole to me. Jeni was there, so was Corey and Mark's Uncle John and +sigh+ Aubrey. I figured out that she was the one who robbed Mark of his. . .
Grrr, and it makes me sad. Bryan made his brother say hi to me, it was embarassing and it pissed me off and hurt me, so i decided to come home. I would've never thought that Mark, some fucking stoner who I'de probably never be good with could make me feel so shitty. I am thinking of going to his house and as i leave tell him to come upstairs with me and then i will explain to him what i feel and probably make more an ass of myself i have ever made and ask him what he thinks and if he doesn't want me to show up anymore. . .What doyou kids think?

Anyway, Bryan is leaving for Job-Corps(sp?) and after that a year or two in jail. I am really sad. I love the kid, no matter how much i hate to say, i really do. I am thankful that i've had him as a friend+, i want to write him lots of letters when he is gone. I hope he tells me the truth when he talks to me.

Last nite was not very good, i had some Vodka, not enough to make me hung-over or anything, it was kinda a pain. The babies wouldn't go to bed, crying for most of htenite. it sucked.
Jaimie's scared that she's going to be in trouble, but i seriously doubt that she is.

I am finishedi suppose, i need to start on my romeo and juliet stuff for english. . .HELP!!!

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thy [19 Dec 2002|07:13pm]
Danielle!: The guy who got in an wreck today at lunch lives across the street from me, crazy huh? Hehe, i will laugh at him the next time i see him, (if i am in a naughty snatchy mood)

hmmm. . .i was very depressed at school today, until lunch, danielle and alli decided to adopt me for the time being. it was good for Katie's heart.

Scott Fergie is being a little shit.

andy H makes me smile, i will never regret any experiences i have had with him.

Romeo and Juliet is somewhat pleasant, i also have grown to love MS. Kelsey very much. Her song about christmas break is silly.

Hehe, i liked cheiftain, although it was kinda depressing.Nice Kaj, thanks.

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44444 [17 Dec 2002|08:52am]
Heh. Once again, in my 1st hour speech class, being a naughty little girl and not doing me work. It's OK Santa, i'm not ALWAYS naughty. Yes Danielle, speech can be evil, but really it's not too bad. Grrr, i stayed after school yesterday to take a spanish test in Sra. Romero's room. The spanish test was kinda difficult. +sigh+ today BETTER be GOOD! or i will be angry after school. i should really get to doing my work. +(BIG) sigh+

Oh, lastnight my power went out for like 45 minutes, so we re-set all of our clocks and stuff and went to bed, then it happened again when we were asleep, so i woke up really late today...Oh by the way, Bryan is lying(or having his friends lie) to me. What a cock-hole huh?
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8888888888 [16 Dec 2002|08:57am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

MMMmmmmm! Whitney is making me so hungry this morning, talking about pizza and breadsticks, it's making my mouth water and i am just beginning to think of all the other things i am craving at the moment. OOOOH, i CRAVE Mark!!!!! I heard he was the show, i also hear he was barely clothed too, all walking around in NOT his shirt, with his hair all down and wet looking. Accompanied by his hot friends looking the same way and grabbing my Haley. Damn, i wish i could've been there. I think there is going to be another one(show) on the 31st, at least that's what Jesse c. told me like five minutes ago. I also hear that Jessica went to the show too, but she left because Shady Days kicks some ass and was being all really loud, or whoever was playing, but i think that i am becoming part of the huge-ass, dope-ass SD army. There's like a friggin' Shady Days cult at Poky. Or somethin'. Heh, yeah, i'm handi--leave me alone.

I got all sad last night, it wasn't fun. I couldn't sleep either, so i got up and took a frickin' Melatonin. Not too long afterwards i fell asleep, and i had dreams. I always do when i take melatonin, it was cool. Mark was in my dream, and Jaimie, and so was Morgan Mechling. It was a fun dream. Well kids, i should really start doing my work, looking up info for my persuation speech.

have fun

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